Kennen Sie das? Schuld haben immer die Anderen!

09.04.2018 -

Wir alle wissen, wie schwer es ist, sich von dieser Idee zu lösen. In diesem englischsprachigen Blogbeitrag finden Sie ein paar Gedanken, warum Sie zugunsten Ihres Projekterfolges unbedingt auf diese Einstellung verzichten sollten.

3 Reasons to Stop Playing the Blame Game

Do you not like slip-ups and mistakes? Nobody does! So it`s easy to blame somebody else when something is going wrong: Why not mark out an easy target inside or outside your project team to take the blame?
Your personal view is regularly not the true one. You usually get different perceptions if you talk to other people about the same situation. So you could blame yourself if you hold on to your own view!
If you stop playing the blame game...
... you will stop preventing yourself and your project team from learning and improving. Cicero taught us, that “any man can make mistakes, but only an idiot persists in his error".
... you can free yourself of negative emotional feelings that usually disturb the inner balance of your mind.
... you will support easy project collaboration by doing regular exercises to give up being the continuous judge and jury.
To change the game we could analyze the situation and figure out what we can influence and change on our own.
Stop playing the blame game is an essential personal foundation to establish an error management culture that enhances the speed of innovation in your organization.

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